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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tony Kanaan Leaves Andretti

Even a new touted CEO can\'t guarantee that the IRL is going to survive. It is certain that it will have a season for 2011 though. Tony Kanaan has no sponsorship at Anretti Motorsports due to longtime sponsor 7 eleven dropping out. But who could blame them. The races are rarely seen on TV and very few people buy tickets to the races. The Indy 500 really is the only advertising opportunity. So Tony managed to get a ride at Deferran Dragon where he will try to take an uncompetitive team that has had Penske resources and turn them into a contender. Tony can do it. In 2004 he completed every lap of every race. Something so improbable it is amazing. Kanaan is one of the best drivers there is even now in his 30\'s. The guy does triathlons. Will be good to see what he can do on a little team.

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